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InPose is a free app with countless outfits for different themes. You can browse through outfits to get outfit ideas, style inspiration, and to discover new fashion. Rate outfits to determine who won a fashion challenge.

A fashion challenge showcases outfits from several users for one theme. The community rates each outfit using 1-5 stars and the outfit with the highest average rating at the end is the winner. The user wins a prize that is advertized in the app, such as an amazing handbag, beautiful jewelry, cool shoes, trendy clothes, or a coupon.

No, you don’t. You can rate outfits and save outfits to your lookbook by liking them. You can also follow users to get instant notifications about new outfits that they post. You can also use InPose to get outfit ideas for different occasions, to help decide what to wear and to discover new ways to pair fashion pieces.


© 2018 InPose. All rights reserved.

© 2019 InPose. All rights reserved.